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Phase I Evaluation

I passed. At first the tasks seemed too daunting and intimidating to complete. When I framed the proposal, I didn't know how tough (or easy) it'll be to implement because didn't have any experience in Nuklear Library (the GUI library). But when I actually started learning Nuklear Library, I realised, maybe I over-claimed somethings for Phase I evaluation. But got past every Hurdle and I passed.

I implemented fully working Basic mode of the CCExtractor GUI and partially working Advanced Mode of CCExtractor GUI. Partial in the sense that, there are many setting and tweaking options in CCExtractor, all of them aren't available, yet. But basic Input and Output tweak settings are available.

This is how it looks so far:

->Main Screen, as soon as the GUI is launched.

->When "Advanced Mode" is checked. The upper row is populated with Tabs corresponding to specific genre of settings.

-> Input tab has the basic input options. (Advanced options would be in 'Advanced Input' Tab)

-> 'Output' Tab contains all the Output options related to CCExtractor.

-> 'File browser' wasn't proposed in the proposal. But without a file picker, the UX would seem incomplete. While designing a UI, the designer has to also take care of the UX otherwise people won't use it.

There are many bugs, which will soon be corrected and many improvements to do like good resolution icons would be used instead of the current ones (as seen in the above image).

Currently, the file browser is only Linux Specific. Though POSIX libraries are used but, since all the CCExtractor related development in Windows is done in Visual Studio, We're bound to use MSVC instead of Cross-Compilers. So, maybe I'll have to rewrite file browser on MSVC or just think of another workaround to make it work.


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